Celebrating Twenty Years

20th Standard Bank Joy Of Jazz celebrating quality live music, explore and discover new and old stories

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Sandton Convention Center

Discover Competition

#SBJOJ #DISCOVER Is a Standard Bank Joy of Jazz initiative to unearth fresh talent, now on its third year. The campaign aims to give aspiring music professionals a platform to perform at the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz development stage near the CONGA Stage.

Terms & Conditions

1. Video submissions can be uploaded to the Standard Bank Joy Of Jazz Facebook Fan page from Tuesday, August 15th until midnight on Friday, August 25th. Any entries after this date will not be considered.

2. The 6 (six) WINNERS of the competition will be decided strictly based on the number of votes you receive. Campaign for your votes. You are responsible for your own campaign.

3. You may begin campaigning for your votes on Monday, August 28th using the poster we provide you with. The last day of voting will be at midnight on Monday, September 11th.

4. You will be provided with a voting number with the prefix #SBJOJ. Voters must use this voting number to search or hashtag you.

5. Only votes/likes that appear on the Standard Bank Joy Of Jazz Facebook Fan page will be counted.

6. Winners/participants (groups or individual artists) from previous #DISCOVER competitions may not participate/will not be eligible to participate/will not be accepted as participants.

7. The 6 (six) WINNERS will be announced on Wednesday, September 13th. All WINNERS will be responsible for their own transportation and accommodation and will be expected at all required artist times including, but not limited, to lobby call, soundcheck, call time and performance.